Zero-Order Waveplates are comprised of 2 pieces of crystal quartz with the optical axes assembled at 90° to one another.  OptiSource utilizes 3 assembly processes for Zero-Order Waveplates. Standard OptiSource compound Zero-Order Waveplates are optically contacted. Please specify if you wish have your compound Zero-Order Waveplates assembled via another method such as air-spaced or glued. Zero-Order Waveplates are more resistant to polarization shift due to thermal variations during use.

OptiSource Part Numbering Scheme

OptiSource Part Numbering Scheme


Product Code: QWPO / ASQWPO / CQWPO

  • QWPO: Quartz Waveplate Zero-Order
  • ASQWPO: Air-Spaced Quartz Waveplate Zero-Order
  • CQWPO: Cemented Quartz Waveplate Zero-Order
  • Zero-Order Waveplates are available coated or uncoated; with or without anodized aluminum mounts
  • Customer specified antireflection coatings are available
  • Standard diameters for standard wavelengths can be ordered at matrix pricing for the required quantity.
  • Please contact OptiSource Technical Sales for your non-standard requirements:

Download Zero-Order Waveplate Pricing