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Korean YankiniQ BBQ

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  Jun & Mark from Optinetic treating us to a genuine KoreanBBQ. Show is going very well. Long time customers coming by to thank us for product quality. Woody signing Kevin up to make technical training presentations. 

Live from the Show

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Booth Prep! We are getting very organized. Woody is working the lead capture device. Cindy & Kevin putting finishing touches on the optics display.  




Attending SPIE 2016 in San Francisco

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Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 6.28.18 AM
Come visit OptiSource at SPIE 2016 in San Francisco – Booth #300.

Every year over 20,000 people come to SPIE Photonics West to see, learn about, and purchase the latest devices, components, and systems that are enabling, and driving, today’s trends: state-of-the art medical technologies, the Internet of Things, smart manufacturing, autonomous vehicles, miniaturization, and much more.  Get Conference Details

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Successful Photonics West 2015

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Cindy & Woody with Hiroshi Yamamoto and Minetoshi Asaka from Autex, Inc.

Cindy & Woody with Hiroshi Yamamoto and Minetoshi Asaka from Autex, Inc.

We would like to express our gratitude to all of our customers and vendors who came by our booth at Photonics West 2015 in San Francisco. It truly was the International Year of Light for us as we were able to take advantage of engaging with our international partners. We very much enjoyed the opportunity to reacquaint ourselves with you and to discuss our 2015 objectives. There is a considerable amount of work and expense to participate in this show but we feel that it is very beneficial to both our vendors and our customers to get face time with us despite this era of social media and impersonal emails.

We were able to preview our new website with a variety of interested parties. Initial response was that it was well received. Our plan is to have the website go live by early March 2015. Some show statistics had 1265 vendors and 21,000+ attendees. We can attest to the large number of visitors. All of the OptiSource representatives (Woody, Cindy, and Kevin) were very engaged with suppliers, established and loyal customers as well as potential new customers throughout the conference. There just doesn’t seem to be enough time because in addition to the “during the show” meetings we had breakfast and dinner meetings as well.
​One of the really enjoyable moments is to sample the culinary treats that San Francisco has to offer in the evening from Korean Barbeque to steaks at Morton’s or seafood at Tarantino’s. Eating also allows us and our partners to develop more meaningful connections than just a purchase order relationship.

​I would like to thank my staff for allowing us to participate in this event and continue keeping our commitments to our partners. I would like to thank Cindy, my business partner, for all the work she does in keeping me organized and making sure all the “i’s” are dotted and “t’s” are crossed during preparation before, during, and post the show.

OptiSource Holiday Season 2014

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OptiSource Lobby Decorated for the Holiday Season

OptiSource Lobby Decorated for the Holiday Season

The holiday season is a time to spend with the ones you love and to cherish all of the good things in your life. This is exactly what OptiSource did alongside their families on December 20, 2014, as they held their holiday party at the Prairie Star restaurant in Bernalillo, New Mexico. Work was set aside for the night as the OptiSource family delighted in a nice dinner and one another’s company. Some enjoyed a tender roasted duck breast while others enjoyed the perfectly cooked beef tenderloin. The evening was not only filled with delicious food, but also with pictures of the staff and their loved ones in their beautiful surroundings. As the night came to a close the general manager, Greg Woodhouse spoke to his employees about the successes of 2014 and to congratulate them all on a job well done. Some of the successes of 2014 include, but are not limited to, the visit of New Mexico Senator Martin Heinrich, the preparation for a new run of catalogs, Kevin Christensen’s business trip to Germany and the Isle of Mann, and the expansion of the shop within the building. All goals for the past year were met and as the goals for this upcoming year are being planned the staff here at OptiSource has high hopes for the future of the company.

Heinrich Discusses High-Tech Manufacturing Job Creation

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Sen. Heinrich with OptiSource staff in Albuquerque on October 10, 2014

WASHINGTON, D.C. (Oct. 14, 2014) – U.S. Senator Martin Heinrich (D-N.M.) toured OptiSource, a photonics manufacturing facility in Albuquerque, to discuss its latest projects and how research and development can help spur innovation and job creation.

Optisource, a local photonics business, manufacturers wave plates, mirrors, prisms, and laser beamsplitters for purchase by industry and research and development groups at universities and laboratories.

“Photonics manufacturing facilities like OptiSource help provide private companies and research institutions with the tools they need to develop photonics technologies that are often used in our scientific and medical communities,” said Sen. Heinrich. “Photonics technologies developed locally not only help spur innovation and foster creativity but also create quality jobs.”

Senator Heinrich is a strong supporter of developing optics and advanced photonics in New Mexico.

Recently, Senator Heinrich welcomed an announcement by the White House that the Department of Defense will award more than $200 million in public and private investment to create an Integrated Photonics Manufacturing Institute, the second of four new institute competitions to be launched this year.

This selection comes just four months after Senator Heinrich, and the rest of the New Mexico delegation, wrote a letter to Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel expressing their strong support for the Department of Defense’s manufacturing innovation institute competition and requesting that the DoD choose the development of an advanced photonics manufacturing hub in the United States as their next manufacturing institute.

In July, Heinrich introduced an amendment to the Fiscal Year 2015 National Defense Authorization Act in support of establishing a DoD photonics hub.

OptiSource Creates Tri-Beam Lense

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OptiSource Creates Tri-Beam Lense

One of our customers were looking for a way to focus three light sources into one beam.  Working with them we created a new way to form the glass interfaces to accomplish this.